No Parent Shaming Here!


We all do what we need to as parents to survive. But, some simple changes and intentionality in our daily routines of how we utilize media can decrease a few of the negative effects of screen time on our kids.


A Checklist for Incorporating Devices In Your Home

In this resource guide, you will find:

How Much Screen Time?
Get the most up to date screen time recommendations by age by the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists & Strabismus and American Academy of Pediatrics.

Eye Effects of Devices
Learn the basics of how of screen time affects the ocular health of your child. From myopia (nearsightedness) to computer vision syndrome and dry eyes, it's all in this guide.

Family Media Plan
I'm a firm believer in creating plans and setting intentions. They allow us to live our values and a powerful way to achieve success though purpose and inspiration. This fillable Family Media Plan allows you to customize the rules for media for each child in your home.


Nothing creates accountability for your child (and yourself!) then completing the plan, signing and posting it in a communal place in your house.

A Note from Dr.Rupa Wong

I'm a pediatric ophthalmologist, but I'm also a mom to 3 kids. And, I understand. The desire to keep your children's eyes safe and healthy balanced with the need to get a few minutes of peace! There have been many times when I've given my kids more device time than I care to admit just so that I can get work done. The fact that we're even thinking about these things make us good parents. So, give yourself grace and institute small changes in your family routine so that you can get the benefits of digital media and devices while maintaining the safety of your children's vision.


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