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Train Your Best VA Course

A Guide to Onboard, Systemize & Manage Your Virtual Assistant

Unicorn virtual assistants aren't found.

They're created.

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All the templates, workflows and checklists you need to hire and train your VA to execute your vision


There is no secret place to find your "perfect VA". Instead, get instant access to the guides, checklists and protocols to refine and build your relationship with your virtual assistant so they can help you reclaim your time at home and work.

Train Your Best VA is a good fit if you are:

    • Stressed and overwhelmed at everything that is on your plate

    • Tired of carrying the mental load of your never ending To Do List and wish you could delegate it to someone

    • Burned out because you are doing everything yourself
    • Frustrated that you miss out on personal and family time because you are performing mundane, repetitive tasks
    • Spread too thin managing it all

    • Discouraged because you have a VA but don't feel like they are dialed into your needs

After going through Train Your Best VA you will have: 

Clarified what you will delegate

instead of randomly assigning tasks without  direction or strategy, resulting in less micromanagement and wasted finances


Systemized your hiring process

so that expectations are clear from the onset and you never make another hiring mistake


Developed compliance documentation

to abide by tax and patient privacy regulations to prevent costly tax and legal penalties


Created onboarding protocols

to create consistent work product and easy to follow instructions so that your VA completes tasks the WAY you want



Established communication strategies

to facilitate work flow and ensure that no balls ever get dropped


Laid the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship

to truly have the unicorn VA who will stay with you for the long term


I'm not Super Woman

I am able to achieve all of this because I outsource intentionally.

I employ 5 virtual assistants:

  • 1 personal executive virtual assistant who assists me with life, my side hustles & office admin
  • 2 ophthalmic technicians for my practice
  • 1 part time medical receptionist
  • 1 video editor 

And, I'm giving you the EXACT systems I use daily with my VAs.

And the end result?


  • Get out of your Zone of Drudgery and into your Zone of Genius
  • More time to truly grow your practice or side hustle business with strategic direction instead of only having time to handle administrative tasks
  • Retain your in person staff by decreasing their workload during 'The Great Reassessment"
  • Spend more time with family and friends and actually be present  instead of mentally running through your To Do lists 
  • Less burnout from trying to do everything yourself
  • Practice self-care by showing up as your best self in all areas in your life
  • Enjoy doing things you love by offloading the mind numbing tasks you hate
  • Do nothing! (Can you even imagine?)

What's Included


Mindset Videos

Understand the tasks you're currently doing that can be outsourced and delegated and which things should be eliminated all together

Templates + Guides

A done for you Trello board with 10 How To videos streamlining your onboarding process while freeing up your valuable time

Fillable Workbooks

Easy to complete workbooks that will guide you through the process of delegating and onboarding your VA

Swipe Files

Tons of email templates, SOPs and sample contracts to get you started with your VA. Easily personalize them to fit your needs eliminating the guesswork 

How To Videos

Step by step videos showing you exactly how to train and onboard your virtual assistant so they can function independently

"Train Your Best VA is a game changer! I realized how much time I was wasting doing things that are not priorities for me. I created a strategy to overcome procrastination and effectively move forward toward my goals to hire a virtual assistant. Now, I have so many pockets of extra time for my family AND my passion project! All busy women need this kit in their lives!" 

-Dr. Michelle Rockwell aka @doctormommymd

“Returning to private practice has been simultaneously liberating and challenging.  Dr. Rupa Wong’s insights have been super-helpful as I’m rebuilding my clinic and hiring virtual assistants. It’s like getting a “practice management consult” right when you need it. “

-Dr. Dwight Lin, PM&R 

People always ask "How do you do it all?"

I'm a Physician, Private Practice Owner, Mama to 3 Kids, Social Media Educator, Textbook Author, Managing Partner, Conference Co-Founder, Podcaster, and Mentor.

I've been on the cover of Honolulu magazine's Best Doctor issue (voted on to the list since 2010),  and serve on the Board of Directors for 3 non-profit organizations.

And the answer is that I'm unafraid to share and delegate my work. But I wasn't always this way.

I used to think I was the only one who could do my tasks properly. That someone else would never be able to do what I do AND fulfill my exacting expectations.

But guess what? My virtual assistants not only meet my high standards - they EXCEED them.

But I made mistakes along the way - I wasn't clear with laying out expectations, hired people who weren't the right fit and had a hard time letting go of control. It was a process - learning how  to train these VAs so that they became the unicorn assistants that everyone tries to steal from me!

That's why I created this course -  to help you avoid the mistakes I made and become confident in sharing and delegating.

Do it right the first time. Save time from searching dead end resources.

Are you finally ready to start making progress on your most important priorities and stop feeling pulled in all directions?  

Train Your Best VA Course



  • Curated Swipe Files
  • Google Doc Standard Operating Procedures, Email Templates & Spreadsheets
  • Done For You Trello Board to Organize Your Virtual Assistant
  • Trello How To Videos
  • Resource List of Virtual Assistant Companies and Payment Providers