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How many of you have thought?

“I want to be a doctor desperately, but no one in my family is a doctor and I don’t even know where to start.”

Or wanted?

"I wish there was a group for women in medicine who shared authentically with each other, especially during this time"

Or felt?

"I have achieved so much, but I feel like I just don’t deserve to be here.”

I used to be a lot like you.

I never believed in myself. Despite multiple awards and achievements, I always struggled with self-confidence.  I knew the path necessary to achieve my goals, but not the mindset. I still remember my pre-med advisor 20 years ago telling me that Cornell was a "reach" for me and not to apply. I didn't know how to deal with failure, how to structure my life, or how to gain clarity.

Over the past 14 years of building my multi-million dollar private practice,

I've learned what eluded me for so long. 

The Truth Behind Being Voted 'Best Doctor'

Yes, I was on the cover of the "Best Doctors' issue of Honolulu magazine. It was a great honor.


And I got there because of 3 fundamental principles that every woman in medicine must master in their schooling and training...which all lead to you succeeding in your career, minimizing burnout, while maximizing patient care (I'll explain how to do that in a minute). 

But what I'm equally as proud of is this article that was featured on


Why does this article evoke an equal amount of pride?

Because excelling in medicine, doesn't have to come at the expense of YOUR family or YOURSELF.

As a mother of 3, I wanted both - incredible results for my patients and time to be a mother who is present for her kids.

One shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the other.

And that’s why I’m passionate about sharing and supporting you (my fellow women in medicine) in being able to do the same.

After years of trial and error, I figured it out. You CAN have both.

But it requires mastering 3 fundamental principles.

It's not about GPA, exam scores, research publications or Best Doctors List.

Because those achievements can be accomplished and you can still feel unsure and uncertain.

The 3 Fundamental Principles of Becoming a Successful, Resilient and Confident Doctor


Create a vision for your life,  by synthesizing your core values with your long term goals.


Expand your mindset and skill set to cope with failure, overcome Impostor Syndrome and focus on what matters.


Empower yourself by tackling limiting beliefs, mastering skills of negotiation and decision making.


      "As an Attending Lounge member, I have experienced a year of personal growth, career development, networking, genuine mentorship, and meeting new friends around the world.  One of the most meaningful lessons from the membership was identifying my top 5 core values.  Sitting down and putting pen to paper provided the clarity for me to answer the questions “Who am I? and What core values do I want to manifest within my life?”  The Attending Lounge modules provided the tools to dream big, create actionable goals with a growth mindset (such as applying to medical school), and to build successful habits – all with my core values at the foundation.  Each small daily decision made in alignment with my core values is reinforcing a life intentionally filled with health, autonomy, growth, dedication, success, and joy!    

     Thank you, Dr. Rupa, for bringing together a community of women who are leading examples that it is possible to create your dream life through intention, heart, hard work, and taking a chance on yourself!   

    Regardless of where you are in your medical journey, if you are ready to make a change in your life, to understand who are and where you want to be, while surrounded by a community of women cheering you on, then you’ll want a seat in the Attending Lounge.  I can’t wait to meet you!"

                       -Anna Leonard, Pre-Med

Are you ready to take the REAL first step in achieving your dream of becoming a woman in medicine?


I know you're ready to do the work. You've got work ethic in spades.

But, what you need is to gain clarity on your path forward, start utilizing a growth mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs.

You CAN do this.  You just need a mentor to guide you.



"Dr. Rupa Wong and the many incredible women who join us share the hard earned wisdom from their stories, empowering me to aim true to my own path. This encouraging and constructive community makes it exciting to be growing through challenges and opportunities as a woman in medicine. Thank you Dr Wong and everyone in Attending Lounge!"


Attending Lounge has allowed and supported me grow in ways I have never imagined for myself. From the live sessions with guest speakers to random posts on the Facebook group, it has challenged the way I think and taught me lessons textbooks can’t teach. As cliche as it sounds, It has made me realize the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded women in medicine. It’s so important. Attending lounge has showed me that there are other women of color, international students, first-generation immigrants like me that are doing it well. Having a speech impairment, when I joined attending lounge I was so nervous to speak up on this platform. With time, I’ve recognized and learnt to keep limiting beliefs as such aside and chase my fullest potential.  And what more than Attending lounge lead by a powerhouse-extraordinaire that personally knows your name and looks out for you. What more can you ask? 


"The Attending Lounge has catapulted my confidence professionally. This community inspires me, but also equips me with tools to grow my mindset and my career. Part of this community includes incredible female physicians, who have helped me break down big dreams into actionable steps. Dr. Wong has personally guided me on taking chances and seizing opportunities, and I am grateful for the wisdom she generously imparts to me!"

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Attending Lounge is Designed to Help You

  • Carefully evaluate your goals and chart your own course for how get there.
  • Learn from mentors.
  • Use failure to your advantage.
  • Know your worth.
  • Be a part of a community who empowers one another - all women in health care, coming together.

I can't promise you this membership will get you into medical/dental/optometry school or match into your dream residency or get your dream job/practice. But, I can promise you that if you do the work, you will be transformed for the better.

When you enroll, you'll get the following:


A sneak peak of what's inside Attending Lounge

Master Your Mindset With Dr. Rupa

Included are video trainings to help you build the mindset and strategies for success as a woman in health care.

We go deep into topics that will catapult your progress and lay the foundation for your growth. And, the best part? You get access to the last 24 Masterminds from the past year on Day 1.

High Yield Workbooks

You get 24 months of content right on Day 1. Topics like:

  • Growth mindset
  • Habit formation
  • Perseverance
  • Self-confidence
  • And, more

We go deep into topics that will catapult your progress and lay the foundation for your growth. 


In the Lounge

With Q&A sessions with experts, you'll dive deep into the teaching concept of the month, relating it back to the medical journey.  This will be your opportunity to learn from mentors and how they overcame their failures and rose to success.  There will always be something NEW to learn from those who have gone before. And, you get full access to the entire library of recorded sessions when you join.


Being a woman in medicine can be lonely. But having the support of like-minded women who want to uplift each other can make all the difference.

You'll have ccess to an exclusive online community of women in health care. There is so much we can learn from one another when a safe space is created for collaboration.  


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  • Structured guide to walk you through the mindset and skill sets to succeed as a woman in medicine
  • Access to all videos and workbooks from the first day
  • Quarterly group coaching with Dr. Rupa Wong

Still thinking about it?

Attending Lounge is PEFECT for you if...


You're ready for self-examination and transformation.  

You want to avoid the burnout you see so many physicians experiencing by getting clear about your values and goals.

You're ready to spend the time, effort and work required to build the mindset necessary for future success.

You yearn for a group which collaborates with one another instead of competing.

One Time Payment



  • Structured guide to walk you through the mindset and skill sets to succeed as a woman in medicine
  • Access to all videos and workbooks from the first day
  • Quarterly group coaching with Dr. Rupa Wong